<![CDATA[CAMP KEE-MO-KEE - Blog]]>Fri, 15 Dec 2017 21:25:49 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[August 8th- Tuesday!]]>Wed, 09 Aug 2017 02:12:23 GMThttp://keemokee.com/blog/august-8th-tuesdayWe've had a great start to Canadian Wildlife week! We arrived and met our counsellors, and got settled. For dinner, we had spaghetti and meatballs with salad. After dinner we had cabin connections, where we got to know the others in the cabin. We also had a tour of the camp with our counsellors. Following, we had all camp game- Catch the Wildlife. Programmers dressed as animals, and in our cabins we had to catch them for points.

Snack today was popcorn. Then we had campfire and we sang lots of fun songs. Vespers was calming tonight, bedtime was easy!

Everyone is very excited for the week and all the activities we have to do! Until next time!

​Peaches out!
<![CDATA[A Day Late..But Still Great! (From Thursday)]]>Fri, 21 Jul 2017 18:19:14 GMThttp://keemokee.com/blog/a-day-latebut-still-great-from-thursday
<![CDATA[Monday Funday!]]>Mon, 17 Jul 2017 20:49:00 GMThttp://keemokee.com/blog/monday-funday
<![CDATA[Training Week!]]>Fri, 30 Jun 2017 03:07:20 GMThttp://keemokee.com/blog/training-weekHi Simba here!
I'm Kee-Mo-Kee's head counsellor/ head lifeguard this year. Right now its Thursday afternoon of training week! It's so exciting seeing both our old and new staff create friendships and learn new things in preparation for the summer. Last night we went on outtrip, this was a brand new experience for some of us. For dinner we roasted hot dogs over the fire. We learned pretty quickly that some of us are not so good at this, but they still tasted fantastic, even if they were a little charred. We learned some outtrip classics such as fireball. We had plans to make s'mores later in the night, but it was so rainy we couldn't get the fire to start. We had a totally awesome time at campfire anyways, which we followed with some more staff bonding time. This morning reach for the Rainbow came and we learned all about one-to-one support. We also made some stress balls using flour and balloons. Unfortunately a few of them exploded making some of our staff and the Craft Lodge floor a great big mess! Everyone is settling in nicely and after a few more sessions this evening and tomorrow, we will be ready to take on the summer! Maybe we'll see some of our campers before camp starts Saturday at the Canada Day parade! Anyways, we're excited to see you soon!
<![CDATA[We can't believe today is already Wednesday!!]]>Wed, 24 Aug 2016 21:32:40 GMThttp://keemokee.com/blog/we-cant-believe-today-is-already-wednesdayPicture
Hello! It’s Ducky the Crafts Programmer! It’s been a wonderful Wednesday here at Kee-Mo-Kee. This morning we woke up after a fantastic day at the Great Canadian Hideaway. After a bagel breakfast we made our way over to the sports field for volleyball, soccer, bracelets, and playground games! Of course a petting zoo sidetracked us, where we met four goats, a pig, and two feathered friends!  After some fun and games at the sports field we headed back for hotdogs over the fire and packed the buses. Everyone got a bit of shuteye on the trip home, which gave us lots of energy for the afternoon! Everyone had a quick shower before tuck, and then we headed off to Choose Your Own Adventure. The options today were real leaf Canadian Flags, Gaga Ball, Classic Pool Games, and Mud pit! I was at the Canadian Flag Craft and everyone was so creative and made beautiful flags! For dinner we are having chicken Caesar wraps! Yummy! Then the cabins are decorating their tie-dye items to make team shirts! After T-Shirt decorating we are playing mission impossible with water guns. The campers are going to have a popsicle stick and they get a tick on the popsicle stick for every time they make it around Ringer Trail, but the catch is that if a staff member squirts them with water they have to start at the beginning of the trail again. We will have a quick snack and head of to campfire where Cricket has an awesome set of songs prepared! The whole camp is going to night swim with Simba and then it will be off to bed for a much needed rest!

<![CDATA[Monday of ADVENTURE WEEK!!!!]]>Tue, 23 Aug 2016 03:44:13 GMThttp://keemokee.com/blog/monday-of-adventure-weekPicture
Hello everyone!

This is Mars, the Nature Programmer to update you guys on how our week is going so far. We started off our Olympics themed week by lighting the torch! Each cabin has been assigned a country and are able to win points for their cabin towards a grand prize at the end of the week! So far cabin 7 is in the lead but the other cabins aren’t far behind. We played Airplane Crash last night, all of our Olympic athletes were scattered around camp with various injuries, the campers had to first find them, then treat them! All of our athletes made it home safe and sound.

Today we ran our regular sessions; in CV today Rachel showed everyone how putting someone down doesn’t just effect them on the inside but the outside as well, by showing how bruised apples aren’t just bruised on the outside but the inside as well. In the pool today they played water versions of some of the Olympics events! They threw pool noodles like javelins, water polo, a cannon ball contest and a couple other things as well. In crafts today they tie dyed shirts with Ducky, which they will be decorating later as a cabin, for the country they’re representing. In nature today we practised our fire building skills to be able to light the Olympic torch, they had to build a fire tall enough to burn through a string held above it. The kids are all really participating and having lots of fun!

We’re all very busy packing for our awesome out trip we have planned! There’s still so much o do, so I better get back to doing it!

 Thanks for checking in,


<![CDATA[Hollywood Week!]]>Fri, 19 Aug 2016 17:12:53 GMThttp://keemokee.com/blog/hollywood-weekPicture
Hey Y’all! It’s Rachel Francis!

I am the CV Programmer at Kee-Mo-Kee this year. We’re just finishing up a Hollywood themed Week G here at KMK. It has been a very eventful week and all campers and staff have had a week jam packed with fun. Last night week had a wonderful Oscars themed banquet and talent show. Then we had relaxing Vespers with me before bed time. Everyone had a good sleep last night. I helped out cabin 5 at bed time and played some guitar and sang!

Today is a beautiful day outside, and it’s an awesome day to finish up Hollywood week. In Sports with Cricket on Monday they played wet soccer baseball. In Nature with Mars on Monday they did a tour of camp and then made maps from memories, and on Tuesday and Thursday they learned how to use compasses. In Pool with Simba and Aqua on Monday they played clue and starred in a mystery movie, and on Tuesday and Thursday they dressed their counsellors up for the red carpet. In Crafts with Ducky on Monday they made Hollywood walk of fame stars, and on Tuesday and Thursday they painted Oscars out of their counsellors stencils. In CV with me on Monday we made pledge hands, and on Tuesday and Thursday we painted love rocks!

On todays schedule we have packing and Friday Favourites where the campers have a choice of doing gaga ball, archery, low ropes, or bracelet making. We also have a Jurassic Park themed all camp game, TUCK, and Retro Rewind! Then we send the campers back home. All the staff had an amazing time this week and we are going to miss all the campers! Hopefully we can see them all again next year!

Good wishes from the Chapel, Rachel Francis

<![CDATA[It's sure been a Wacky Week so far!]]>Mon, 08 Aug 2016 19:42:57 GMThttp://keemokee.com/blog/its-sure-been-a-wacky-week-so-farPicture
Hi everyone, Tonto here!

I am Camp Kee-Mo-Kee’s Leadership Coordinator this summer! After a night packed full of fun and games, a lively campfire, and an eventful bedtime the first night went off without a hitch! Once our delicious breakfast was eaten and community duties were completed the day of activities began! Whether it is a cooling off at the pool, an analysis at the creek, warm and fuzzies at crafts, or wacky soccer during sports everyone is having a blast!

I am looking forward tonight’s surprise: an appearance from Let’s Talk Science telling all about the fun and interesting things you can do involving electricity. As of now, I am headed off to TUCK - a time for Totally Unnecessary Candy for Kids!

We will continue posting blogs throughout the week to let you know just how much fun everyone is having here during Wacky World Week!

<![CDATA[It's been wild here at KMK with Tots Week in full swing!]]>Wed, 03 Aug 2016 23:56:25 GMThttp://keemokee.com/blog/its-been-wild-here-at-kmk-with-tots-week-in-full-swingPicture
Hi Friends!

Simba here! Yesterday was a great start to Safari week! We had some special guests after dinner from Let’s Talk Science from Western University, we did an activity with bird beaks, we learned about insects, and we created our own insects. Then we headed over to our first campfire following snack. The campers loved the silly songs and the skit they watched!  We finished the night by heading off to Vespers and Taps, and then off to bed to rest up for a jam packed day at camp!

Today at camp we started the day with pancakes, bacon and hash browns. After breakfast we had a full day of rotations: sports, pool, nature, crafts and CV. In sports today we played parachute games with Cricket. For nature we went on a walk through the forest and tried to find animals hidden in the trees using binoculars with Mars. We had a great time with Rachel Francis in CV where we made our own animals.  Ducky created an awesome craft: binoculars, which are great for spotting animals while out on the safari! Today at the pool with Aqua and I we played “What time is it Mr. Lion?” and participated in zebra races! The campers participated in all sessions, so this lasted all the way until dinner, we took a break from rotations for a little while after lunch for TUCK: totally unnecessary candy for kids! Each camper got to pick their choice of a treat from the TUCK shop.  After dinner we all headed to our cabins for connections, a period of time where counsellors get to run fun games for their campers!  This was followed by All Camp Game where each cabin protected their eggs and tried to gather eggs from around camp for their nest. For a moment of rest, after All Camp Game we’ll all refuel with a snack and get ready for Campfire and Vespers! 

<![CDATA[Today is a Tropical Thursday!]]>Thu, 28 Jul 2016 15:59:51 GMThttp://keemokee.com/blog/today-is-a-tropical-thursdayPicture
Hey friends, it's the Kee-Mo-Kee's Sports programmer Cricket here!
Happy Thursday! We've had a very exciting week at Camp. Last night, cabins 5-7 were on out

trip with Baloo! We played a lot of fun games at out trip, such as, chuck the chicken- we have to throw Morris the rubber chicken as far as we can to rack up points! We also played pass the squeeze and did parachute games. Each cabin got to perform a song at camp fire and we had lots of laughs watching the skits. Out trip is a very exciting time to experience a camp-out, and we had the perfect weather for it. While the cabins were at outtrip, the other female cabins got to have SPA NIGHT!!! At spa night, there was hair braiding, clay face masks, nail painting, hand massages, and dance parties! The girls also did up the male counsellors' hair and nails, it is so much fun!

Today we are having awesome sessions with the programmers! In Nature with Mars, they are doing a scavenger hunt all around camp! In CV, with Rachel, the girls are writing insecurity letters to open on the first day of school, they are also writing about the good traits they have that overpower their insecurities. In Crafts, with Ducky, they are making bottle fish, they are painting plastic water bottles to look like fish! In Pool, with Simba and Aqua, they are doing relay races! Finally, in Sports we are playing Shipwreck dodge ball and doing a bonding circle with the cabins where we throw a ball around and answer questions that are on the ball.

Also, today is banquet, we are having a picnic in the sports field! Banquet is my favourite meal of the week and the girls get to sit with all of their friends! We are having a talent show, everyone is very excited to show off all of their talents! The theme of talent show is, “A Night Under the Ocean Stars” and Rachel and I are hosting it! Also, on the agenda is all camp swim and creek stomp. For Creek stomp we walk all the way to the clay wall and back in the creek, it's a very cool walk.

Look for another post tomorrow to hear about how camp finishes!